To create a hyperlink to an email address that includes a subject line heading you will need to follow the steps below: 

1. Highlight the text that you want to show as clickable for the hyperlink as shown below:

2. Click on the Insert/Edit link icon that you can find in the top menu bar of the email text editor (see example below)

3. To create a hyperlink to an email you would need to type in the first box you see which is labelled URL: you need to prefix your email address with the words: mailto: as shown below:

4. To put in the subject line heading simply add after the email address: Line Heading Here

Please see the example below: we have used: in Summer 2014

5. Make sure you change the Target field from Open to New Window as shown below.  That means that when the link is clicked the email window pops up but behind this your email campaign is still displayed - when you close the email window the email campaign can still be viewed.

6. Click on OK button and make sure you Save the email template.

7. Now when the email campaign is sent out and the recipient clicks on the contact us link inside the email campaign a pop up to their email client will appear (example below shows Outlook client but it could be Hotmail, Gmail etc depending on what the client uses on their PC).  

In the example below notice now you can see the subject heading of the mailto email Courses in Summer 2014 has automatically inserted into the subject line.