If you are using the N300 base unit and a Gigaset portable Dect handset please check the following:

1. Can you get an IP address from your handset?   Please click here to find your IP address.

2. Please let us know your public IP Address that runs your broadband.  Type into a search engine - what is my IP address?  This will then display your public IP address.

3. What router make and model are you using? 

4. Is your public IP address fixed or dynamic?

5. Please check the speed of your broadband by running a speed test and ping test - click each link and click begin test. Please let us have the results of both tests.

6. Please also tell us how your router is set up as with more information we can investigate further for you.

7. Please also check that your phone line is setup to answer incoming calls via the Gigaset Base Station web interface.  

8. When logged into the Gigaset Base Station web interface please check the Telephony, Number Assignment option and make sure that for outgoing calls is selected against your VoIP line as shown below:

9. Click on Set to save this setting.

If by doing the above this still has not resolved the issue please contact us with the above information.