When you import data into account if you have not setup any new tags inside your account Settings then the data will import your contacts into your CRM but will add your new tags as ad-hoc tags and not global. 

If you wish to make these ad-hoc tags global please follow the steps below:

1. Go into the Settings icon at the top of your CRM account

2. Next select the Global Settings tab and you will see your global tags listed in the tag box as marked in red below:

3. Go to the last tag listed in the box - as shown below and add a comma and no space, then enter the name of the adhoc tag:  In the example above we will use the tag autumn-2013 to change from an adhoc tag to a global tag (where you have a check box against it).

4. Then click on Update Settings to save.

The tag will have changed from adhoc to global. If you go back into the contact and click tags you will see a new check box and the adhoc tag has moved up into the global tag selection - as shown below: