You can insert a hyperlink to a website or web page from within your email campaign. To do this please follow the steps below:

1. Open up the email campaign by clicking on the campaign name you wish to hyperlink a webpage to - as shown below in red:

2. Inside the e-Marketing Campaign Editor window highlight the text that you wish to link up to a webpage - for instance the text visit us or like us or the full website address.

3. Then click on the Insert/Edit link button at the top - which is shown below in red:

4. Type in your website or web page that you wish to link the text to in the URL field - as shown below: 

Please make sure you put the text https:// in front of your webpage as shown below:  

The best way to ensure that you enter the correct URL link is to firstly visit your social media web page and take a direct copy of the URL address and enter this in the URL field by pasting the address in as shown below:

5. Make sure you set the Target field to Open in New Window as shown below:  This ensures that when the web link is clicked it will open in a new window and when closed your email campaign will still be open behind it.

6. Click on OK.

You can also create a hyper link to a mailto email address, to find out more please click here.

As with all links we strongly recommend you send yourself a test email to check that all links are working correctly before sending out the e-Marketing campaign.  Please click here to see how to send a test email.