1. To insert a table into your email template make sure your cursor is in the correct place inside your email template as this will be where the table will be inserted. 

2. Then click on the Insert table icon along the top of the edit bar as shown below:

3. By clicking the above icon a drop down menu will be displayed as shown below:

4. Select the option Insert Table as shown below:

5. As shown below you can decide on how many columns and rows you want added to the table by hovering your mouse on the appropriate number of boxes.

6. Click with your mouse to select the table size and this will be added to your template as shown below:

7. You will need to drag the table out into your email with your mouse as shown below:

8. If you right click your mouse then you have further options available to edit the table as shown below:

9. If you select Cell and Cell Properties as shown below this enables you to change the width and height of a cell inside the table as shown below:

10. Select your cell width and heigh and click OK.

11. Your Cell is then size in then changed inside the table as shown below:

12. If you wish to centre your table so that it is in the middle of your email campaign just right mouse click with your cursor inside the table. 

13. Select Row and then Row Properties as shown below:

14. Next select the Alignment drop down and select Centre as shown below:

15. Then click OK as shown below:

16. Your table will now be centred in the middle of your email template: