1. Make sure your cursor is inside the table you wish to insert an image into. 

2. Click on the Insert/Edit Image icon as shown below:

3. Insert your image into the table.  To find out how to insert an image please click here

4. When the image has been inserted into your template right mouse click on the image and select Cell and Cell Properties as shown below:

5. Then select H Align Centre as shown below:

6. Click on OK to select 

7. Your image will then be centred inside the table as shown below:

How do I centre text in just one of the columns in my table? 

When you have created more than 1 column in your table and you want to centre the text in just 1 column please follow the steps below:

1. Highlight the text to be centred and right click your mouse - click on the Cell option and select Cell Properties as shown below: 

2. Select the H Align drop down to Centre:

3. Click on OK to save.  Your text will now be centred as shown below: