We have created a guide to show you how to produce address labels from your CRM account contacts please read the step by step instructions below:

Guide to Producing Address Labels from your CRM account

1. Select the Contacts icon from along the menu bar as shown below: 

2. Search for your contacts - for instance by tag group by clicking on the tags label icon as shown below in red:

3. Select your chosen tag(s) group by clicking on a tag name:

4.When you have selected your tag(s) view the contacts in List View

5. Select the contacts you wish to export out into Excel by placing a tick against each contact:

6. Alternatively select the tick box 'first 50|100 Home to select all the contacts:

7. Click on the Export button as shown below:

8. Open Exported contacts in Excel file

9. Remove columns which are not relevant, keeping the relevant columns such as title, first name, last name, address and postcode.

10. Save and close the spreadsheet.

11. Open Word and select ‘Mailings’ tab

12. Select Start Mail Merge button and select ‘Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard’ as shown above.

13. Follow the Mail Merge Wizard by selecting the type of document – in this case select ‘Labels’

14. Click ‘Label Options’ to select the correct size for your labels

15. Select Recipients – click browse to find your Excel Spreadsheet

16. Mail Merge Recipients list, check through and un-tick any contacts you do not wish to have an address label for.

17. Arrange your Labels – select ‘Address Block’ and click ‘Match Fields’

18. Replicate Labels by clicking on ‘Update all Labels’ 

19. Click on ‘Preview your labels’

20. Next click on ‘Complete the Merge’ you will see your labels come up as one entire list.

21. Click the ‘Finish and Merge’ button in the toolbar, then select ‘Edit Individual Document’ you can scroll through the labels and edit and change fonts/size before printing off.