Why is the contacts business card blank? 

A contacts details such as address and contact numbers are displayed over on the right-hand side in what is called the business card section as shown below in red: 

If this area is blank then this is likely to be due to the following:  

1. This is more than likely that you have selected the Home tab first check box in your Settings which is located along the top menu bar.  

If you are entering the contacts details into the 'Work' tab but the 'Home' tab is set as default this will be why the business card is blank. 

Please check this by going to the Settings icon as shown below: 

Here you will see a checkbox called 'Home tab first' - if this is checked - it means that your 'Home' tab is the default for your contacts contact details: 

2. If you un-check the above box and click on Update Settings. 

3. If you then enter contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses etc into the Work tab these will not be displayed in the contacts business card if the Home tab has been selected as the default setting.

4. To change this you can click into the Edit button within the contact:

5. Then select the Work tab and click the button at the bottom left hand corner which says 'Click to make default contact type' as shown below: 

6. The contact details will then be displayed in the Business Card section as shown in the example below: