Yes this is possible to port out your VoIP phone number. Please see the guidance on this below:

1. First you need to decide who you want to port the number out to i.e. BT etc.  Tell the provider that you want to port the number out and what the number is so that they can check they are able to accept that number into their system (some Telecoms providers cannot receive portable numbers from VoIP providers).

2. Once you have confirmation that the number can be ported out to your chosen provider give them instructions to begin the porting process.

3. Please let us know that you are doing this by contacting our Support Helpdesk. We will wait to hear back from your new telecoms provider for instructions to set up the porting process. 

4. Please be aware that BT or whoever you are porting into will charge you to do this. You will need to check what the cost is before you go ahead with porting a number out.

Please note if you are still using a VoIP line with your CRM account but have ported out another VoIP number then you will need to make sure that you remove the VoIP line once ported from your VoIP phone(s).  Please click here to see how to do this.   

If you do not do this then you could risk an error message, for example the error message 'Registration at provider failed' being displayed on your phone as your phone attempts to register with a number that is not in use with the CRM system.