We have noticed an error when using the PDF icon when inside your Email Campaigns list shown below:

If you would like a PDF copy of your email template the way around this error until it has been resolved is to:

1. Click on the Preview icon as shown below in red:

2. A preview pane of your email campaign will appear here you will see in the top right hand corner a link called Click to print

3. If you click this link you are able to save a PDF copy of your email template.

4. A Print window will appear - click on 'OK'.

5. You will then get a 'Save PDF File As' window - name your PDF file and click on Save as shown below: 

Alternatively you may wish to do the following:

1. Click on the eye Preview icon to view your email campaign 

2. Highlight with your mouse the entire content of the email campaign

3. Select copy (right mouse click) and choose 'Copy'

4. Open up a new Word document 

5. Select Paste (right mouse click) and choose 'Paste' as shown below:

6. This will paste your email campaign into a Word document - make any edits to spacing you may need to adjust margins

7. Click 'Save As' and select PDF to save the document as a PDF version. 

8. Click on Save as shown above.