Yes you can see a list of all contacts who clicked on any links you had contained in your email campaign. 

1. Firstly go to the Report icon inside e-Marketing - choose the email campaign and click on the icon as shown below in red:

2. This then shows you a Campaign Summary where you can see how many emails were Sent, Opened, Clicked etc. 

If you click on the CLICKED option you will see a list of all emails addresses (these have been blanked out) that opened up a link contained in your email and what this link was.

3. Click on the CSV file link as shown below to export out the results into a CSV file. 

4. Or click on the PDF link as shown below to save or print a copy of the clicked results:

5. Please note that you can also use the reTAG option as shown below to re-tag your contacts with a new tag so that you can easily identify and target 'warm' or 'hot' leads with a new email campaign:

Please click here to find out more about using the re-TAG option.