Please note: that we have added an extra feature which will prevent clients from sending a campaign if there are too many NEW recipients in the list.  

This is a precautionary measure to protect our permission based e-Marketing policy. To read our e-Marketing Anti-Spam policy please click here

When there are more than 20 new recipients and if the percentage of new recipients is greater than 20% – then a message will be displayed to say please contact support to send the email campaign this is to reduce the chances of email being received as spam.

We will need you to confirm the following:

1. The source of the new contacts

2.  Do you have a relationship with these contacts or are they new 3rd party data you have recently uploaded?

3.  Have these contacts given you permission to email to?

Once we have established this then you will need to contact our Support Helpdesk and let us know what the name of the email campaign is.  

You will get this from the Email campaign list in the e-Marketing section of your account.  We also need to know who the email needs to go out to i.e the whole database or only a few tag groups (if so what are these called?)

We will send the email on your behalf on this occasion.  Next time you send out to this tag list you will not get the message as those contacts will not be classed as new.

Is your email ready to send?  Please click here to read our pre-send checklist to make sure you have everything covered to help with the success of your email campaign.