What are Auto Responder Emails? 

Auto responders enable you to create a series of emails to a tag group in your database and set them to go out over a scheduled period.

This happens automatically when you tag a group in your account, for example you may want to send out 6 emails over a 10 day period to all of your contacts tagged as 'prospect'.

Please see an example below:

  • Email 1 Intro to company sent out day 1
  • Email 2 Education info on products send out on day 3
  • Email 3 Special offer send out day 5
  • Email 4 Customer testimonials send out day 7
  • Email 5 Why your service is different to other competitors day 9
  • Email 6 Irresistible offer ends now do not miss out day 10

Here is an example for contacts tagged as new-customer:

  • Email 1 Welcome email - send out day 1
  • Email 2 Hints and tips helpful fact sheets etc to support them with the purchase day 2
  • Email 3 Latest news and other customer stories day 7
  • Email 4 Up sell other products and services send out day 20
  • Email 5 Referral/loyalty bonus scheme send out day 30
  • Email 6 Customer Survey Form send out day 60

Benefits of Email Auto Responders:

Auto responders enable you to stay in touch with all your important contacts. All the emails are sent out automatically so you do not have to think about it saving you time and money. 

You have the choice to use our adhoc  e-Marketing plan - where you only pay for what you send or you can go for one of our monthly e-Marketing packages which means you can send unlimited emails each month to your contact groups - please contact our Support Desk for pricing.

How to set-up Email Auto Responders?

1. First of all create all the auto responder emails you want to go out in the campaign.

2. Then calculate when you want each email to go out – in what sequence.

3. You need to associate a tag group to the campaign just let us know what the tag group(s) is.

4. Once you have ALL this information please contact our Support Helpdesk and we will set up your auto responder campaign for you there and then.

Please note: this is a chargeable service to set up email auto responders which we can provide a quote for based upon your requirements.