How to tag an individual contact?

1. Open up a contact record and click on the Tags green tick button as shown below:

2. This brings up the Edit Tags window where you can apply tags or edit the existing tags that have been applied to the contact record.

3. Any tags that have been applied to the contact will be shown as checked in the boxes - such as 'delegate' and 'new-lead' as shown above.

Please note you see a text box with an ad-hoc tag 'autumn-2013' this is where you can free type any tags you wish to automatically tag your contacts.  

4. To apply any new tags to your contact just check the box for the relevant tag(s) groups and click on the Update button.

5. The new tag(s) selection will then be shown on your contacts record on the business card section - as shown below in red:

How to tag contacts in bulk?

1. Go to the contacts icon 

2. Change contacts view to List view if not already in this view:



3. Select the contacts you with to apply a tag(s) by either selecting all contacts or individually selecting contacts by putting a check in the box besides each contact:






4. Click on the Tags green tick button as shown:






5. An Edit tags window will appear allowing you to Add tags - as shown below:




 6. To add tags in bulk just put a check in the box against the appropriate tag names you wish to add.


7. When you have added your tags click on Update to save.