Please find instructions below on how to switch off both the missed call flash alert and the voicemail flash alert from your Gigaset DECT phone:

1. From your Gigaset phone press the middle square button as shown below to access the menu

2. Select the 'Settings' option which is shown as a spanner icon

3. Select the option 'Base' 

4. Select the option 'Local Network'

5. Scroll down to find your VoIP IP Address as you will need to enter this IP Address into a web browser to access the Gigaset Base Station web interface settings.

6. Enter the IP Address into a web browser and it will display your Gigaset Base Station login page as shown below:

7. Enter the pin 0000 and click OK

8. You will then see the following screen displayed:

9. Click on the Settings tab which will display the following page:

10. Click on the Messaging option as shown above in red.

11. Then select the MWI light option as shown below:  This may also be shown as an option called Message Notification

12. Untick the options for missed calls, missed alarms and network mailboxes:

13. Click on Set to activate changes.

14. When you have finished click on Log Off to come out of the Base Station interface.