Many of our existing customers use to use Excel spread sheets when they were just starting up but over time as they grew and took on staff the spread sheets grew too cumbersome to manage so they looked for an alternative.  

They chose our CRM because it is centralised and everything in one place rather than the team working separately. 


Our CRM has helped them to:


  • Stop duplication i.e. more than one sales person calling up a prospect by mistake – our CRM enables searching to see if the lead has been contacted and records all of the communication and correspondence under a contact history which can be accessed by the whole team.

  • Be more organised using the Task Management to set up task reminders within the contact for following up with email and SMS reminders so nothing gets missed or forgotten.

  • Be able to assign tasks to colleagues and track the status through to completion.

  • Do refined searches to drill down by tag groups and separate out contacts i.e. call backs or follow ups that can be found in an instance.

  • Use an affordable solution to keep all the team up to date with customers, suppliers or new leads, accessed from anywhere on any device.


Why did they choose our CRM?


1. Scalable – they could add or subtract users on a pay as you go basis.

2. No contract tie-in or expensive IT integration or On-site training costs.

3. Easy to use with online training at hand.

4. Excellent customer support, a real person to hold their hand during the initial set up as well as after care as and when they needed it.

5. Our CRM has the ability to store all forms of communication and correspondence within a contact, email, fax, notes, email marketing campaigns, SMS messaging and SMS marketing campaigns, attachments, direct mail and call recordings stored and associated to a contact record.

6. Integrated social media – Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Google+

7. Accessed on multiple devices from anywhere - smart mobiles, tablet devices, Mac and PC




8. Central online file repository to store and edit internal documents

9. Customised Reporting

10. Customised Features to suit their business – working closely with our in-house development team some customers want to tailor their CRM platform even further to reflect their business and processes. 

To find out more please contact our Support Helpdesk.