We have many micro-businesses using our CRM system as it needs minimal training and set up.  

It is popular with many different industry sectors globally as it can be customisable to suit any business needs.  

Many of our customers have been using Excel spreadsheets or Outlook and are looking for a more sophisticated solution.   

Use as little or as much of the built-in services as you need to.  

  • Flexible monthly pricing - you can add extra users as your business grows so it is scalable - only use what you need.

  • There is no contract tie-in just a monthly subscription.

  • We have many one man bands or small teams of 2-3 users using our system.  They find value in the system helping them manage, track and market to their contacts more effectively as well as storing all emails (email integration means all correspondence is stored in the contacts history), notes, conversations, meetings, sales etc.  

  • If there is more than one of you working together this is vital to be able to see who said what to who and when within a contacts history record.  It also prevents duplication and information getting lost so everyone is working productively.  

  • Everything is stored in one place and accessed from one or many users.

To find out more please contact our Support Helpdesk.