What is the Spam button?

A Spam button filters the unwanted emails or contacts that get forwarded into your CRM account.  It allows you to choose which emails to mark as spam by clicking on the spam button inside a contacts record.

Why set up a Spam filter?

If you are automatically having emails from your inbox fed into your CRM account then to prevent spam emails being sent into the CRM we can set up a SPAM button for you inside custom fields.

If you then click this button – it will mark that email as SPAM – and we will not re-process any future emails from the email address again - the contact record will also be deleted. 

How to set it up?


Please contact our Support Helpdesk to get this set up for you free of charge.

What if you accidentally mark a contact as 'SPAM'? 

If you accidentally mark a contact as 'SPAM' and you need to restore this contact then please contact our Support Helpdesk to advise which contact it is so we can re-instate the contact and most importantly we need to be advised to unblock the email address too.

Please also let us know if there is any history for that contact which you need to be re-instated as when you mark a contact as SPAM the history is automatically deleted.

Please note: as an alternative to having to use the SPAM filter we can set up a filter so that only emails sent to your email address from 'known contacts' (contacts that are already on the database with their email address recorded) are forwarded into your CRM account.  To find out more about this option please click here