To access your voicemail messages please follow the steps below:

1. Press the envelope symbol which you see on your phone handset (as shown below in red). 

2. This takes you to both your Missed calls and Mailbox messages.

3. Scroll down to your Mailbox where you will see in brackets how many messages you have.

4. Press OK

5. You will now hear 'Welcome to voicemail' where you will be asked to enter your Mailbox number and Password.

6. Your mailbox number is your extension number and your password is your password, both of which you can find in the Phone section of your CRM account under the phone line configuration.  Please see screenshots below:



7. Click on the Phone icon where you will see your line summary showing your VoIP line(s) Select your line and click on the Configure button as shown below:




8. This brings up the Configure VoIP Number window - your Extension number (shown below) is your mailbox number - please make a note of this.


9. Once you have entered both your mailbox number and password you will hear the voice prompts to listen to your voicemail messages.