Using a Windows PC, you can now set up a free file sync to allow you to have an automatic sync with files stored on your PC with the files stored inside your CRM account.  Please click here to see more about this great feature. 

Using WebDav, a free file storage network which can be setup on your computer’s network drive, this gives you the ability to link up directly with the files you have inside the File Repository in your CRM account.  


Use WebDav to upload files or edit documents directly from your PC which will then automatically update inside the File Repository in your account.

With the ability to drag n drop files and folders from your PC into WebDav and save documents directly to WebDav, it makes for fast file sharing with your team, where files can be accessed at any time from any location.

This is ideal for updating, editing or uploading new documents which can be done directly from your computer without having to re-upload them inside your account.

Your team can all use a centralised filing system to avoid duplicate and out of date documents.


Setting up WebDav onto your computer is free.

However there is a charge if you require extra file storage on your account. 

As standard your account comes with 10 Gigabyte of storage – if you go over this amount the charge is an extra £1 per 1 Gigabyte over the standard 10 Gigabyte. 

How to Set Up WebDav on a PC to Sync Files 

To view some step by step instructions on how to set up WebDav on your PC please click here