This is not possible as the task that you have been assigned will have tracking set from the originator of the original assigned task.  

Instead you will need to set up a new task and assign it yourself to the other user.  That way the new task will appear in the IN TRAY of the other user and also show in your ASSIGNED task folder.

Please click here to find out more about how to reassign tasks to another CRM user. 

How do tasks get assigned?

If a user assigns a task to someone else – then we will assign it to the other person – and the task will then appear in their Assigned task list … if that other person then assigns the task to someone else – then the task will be assigned and the person who originally created the task will see the new assignment – not the person who reassigned it

What happens if I reassign the task?

You will not be able to track the task from your ASSIGNED folder as it will not show there.  The person you have forwarded the assigned task will see it in their IN-TRAY and the originator of the assigned task will still have it displayed in their ASSIGNED Folder - not yours.

If you have any questions on the above please contact our Support Helpdesk.