The e-Marketing feature is accessed from the Marketing icon along the menu bar inside your CRM account:

To view a short overview video of this section please click here

By clicking on the above icon you are taken into a screen as shown below where any email campaigns you have will be listed as shown below in the Campaigns folder:

On the right hand side of this screen you will see two software options to build your email template using either New Campaign or Template Builder:

You also have a Campaign Overview box where any emails sent today, this week, this month or queued to be sent will be shown – in the example shown below there are 3 emails that are shown as being sent this month:

The previous text options have been replaced by new icons which are shown below: 

These icons allow you to do the following: As you click on each icon you will see the function of each displayed as:

  • Send Test 

  • Lock or unlock

  • Duplicate

  • Delete

  • View PDF

  • Preview

  • Send Campaign

Sent and Last Sent Status:

You will also see two new columns called Sent and Last Sent as shown below: 

The Sent will tell you how many contacts have been sent the email campaign and the date the email campaign was last sent out.

How to Edit an Email Campaign:

To edit your email campaign all you need to do is click on the campaign name which will open up the Campaign Editor window as shown below:

This will bring up a Campaign Editor window as shown below:

Creating New Folders:

Inside the e-Marketing Campaigns list window you will see there is already a default folder setup called Campaigns as shown below:

Underneath the Campaigns folder you have a ‘+ new folder’ button to add new folders – as shown below:

Click on this button to add another folder – give the folder a name and click on Create as shown below:

Any new folders you set up will be displayed along the top inside the Email Campaigns list window:

Click on the folder name tab which will turn blue to go into that folder – as shown above.

You can drag your email campaigns into different folders to keep them in groups and help keep them tidy. 

How to drag Email Campaigns into Folders:

To drag an email template into a folder you need to put your cursor over the icon you see to the left of each of your email templates that looks like this:

You will see your cursor changes to allow you to move each email campaign by dragging the campaign with your mouse and dropping into one of the folders you have created as shown below:

Any campaigns moved across into a different folder will now be shown when you click on that folder - for example ‘Newsletters’ as shown below: 

Please note that the font changes to blue when the folder is selected.

How to Delete a Folder:

To delete a folder make sure you click on the folder name – the font will change blue when you have selected the folder. You will see you have the ‘delete folder’ button as shown below:

When you select the ‘delete folder’ button a pop confirmation box will appear – click on OK to confirm the deletion and the folder will be removed.

How to Change a Folder Name:

Click on the name of the folder you wish to re-name - the font will change blue when you have selected the folder. You will see an ‘edit folder’ button as shown below:

Click on the edit folder button and a pop window will appear where you can rename the folder and click on Update to confirm:

How to Access the e-Marketing Report for an Email Campaign:

When an email campaign has been sent you will see a bar chart icon alongside the name of the email campaign as shown below:

Click on this Report icon which take you into the Campaign Report summary of the email campaign as shown below:

To find out more about the e-Marketing reports please click here to read our section on e-Marketing Report features.