Search age range of contacts by Custom Fields 

It is possible to search contacts by age ranges via custom fields or tag groupings, please find further guidance below on doing this: 

1. To search for a contacts age you would need to set up a custom field drop down option to display the age ranges to select from  - see the example below:

2. Next go into the contacts that you want to record the age range onto and click the age range from the drop down options available. 

3. Once item 2 is completed then you could search on the contacts age.

4. To search on contacts within an age range you need to go to the contacts main screen and then search on the age range by selecting 'Custom Fields' from the search dropdown and entering the age range you wish to search by: 

 You can see that it has pulled up 3 contacts that have age range 18-25 years.

Search age range groups via tags

1. Decide what age ranges you wish to use i.e. 18-25 years, 26-35 years etc and then go into the Settings along the menu bar in your CRM account. 

2. Then click the Global Settings tab as shown below: 

3. Enter the age ranges you want to search on in the Global tags box, ensure you separate each age range with a comma BUT leave the last tag without a comma at the end - as shown below: 

4. When finished click the Update button to save.

To see how to then search on the tag groups please click here

If you would like to discuss this further please contact our Support Helpdesk.