About the Direct Mail Service 

We offer a Direct Mail or Mail-Merge functionality that you can use inside your CRM account to send both letters and postcards and e-signature documents.  Please click here to watch a short video about this feature.  

This gives you the ability to send out letters, promotional materials, invoices, quotations, questionnaires, by direct mail to your contacts in your database - all from the touch of a button. 

It will then store a copy of the documentation inside a contacts record so that you can keep a record as well as track what was sent to who and when as shown below: 

Choose to send out in bulk or as an when you need to individually to contacts.

The mail-merge document is then printed, put in an envelope and then posted – it is as easy as that!



Cut costs instantly on printing, paper, envelopes, stamps and labour! Not to mention the significant time saving as you can send a letter or postcard to anywhere in the UK from the comfort of your desktop – just by signing up to this new direct mail service.

No printing, stuffing envelopes or rushing to the post office. Simply create your letter or card and we will print it and deliver it two days later.


What do I need to do?

You produce your documents electronically on your computer and using the Direct Mail button we have them printed, put in an envelope and posted locally in the UK.


One off Set up Cost:

Setting up Standard letters starts from £150 + VAT (we can do more letters in bulk at a discount).

Sending out letters or postcards Pricing:

Please contact us to find out the latest pricing, pricing is based on either a First Class or Second Class delivery service. 

A4 Letter Template Guidelines:

Send out individual letters on demand or a campaign in bulk directly from your CRM account.  Easy to set up.

Please click here to view our A4 letter template layout guidelines for you to use. It is important to follow this as it ensures the mailing address is suitably positioned when using window envelopes.

Please note that the A4 letter is folded in half and put into an A5 window envelope. We do not offer DL size (A4 folded into 3).

 You will need to send us a copy of the letter in Word format not PDF

A5 Postcard Guidelines: 

Send out individual post cards on demand or a campaign in bulk directly from you CRM account.  Easy to set up.

Please click here to see an example of the layout that is needed for the A5 postcard - which allows you to see the space available for the address and stamp etc.

Page 1 - talks you through the front cover of your postcard the main focus, make sure your image is not cropped out by placing your artwork correctly within the safe zones.

Page 2 - the reverse of your marketing postcard is just as important as the image - place your text within the guidelines so you can get your message across with ease.

Page 3 - will be where the address and indicias are inserted.

Once you have completed creating your postcard content and imagery following the guidelines please send it back to our Support Helpdesk and let us know the following:

  1. Who it needs to be sent out to i.e. everyone in the database, or specific tag groups etc?
  2. When the postcard mailing is to be sent and via what method i.e. next day or second class delivery?

Postcard FAQs:

Question: What format do you need the postcard design in? 

Answer: We would suggest ultimately using PDF format. The maximum file size should be under 4Mb for the front and back together.

Question: Can we have extra postcards printed out (as flyers) without the address, postage and indicias printed on them? 

Answer: Unfortunately we cannot produce additional postcards without the indicias or postage printed on them. You could get the additional postcards printed via http://printed.com.

Common Questions and Answers about Direct Mail Service:

How do I get started with setting up a basic mail merge letter?

You will need to provide a copy of the letter template you wish us to set up for you in advance. 

What does the service include?

  • A button set-up inside a contact record that when clicked will then pop up the merged letter, automatically populated with their contact details i.e. name and address.
  • Ability to see the letter ready to send out.
  • A copy of the sent letter will go into the history of the contact record too so you can track who and what you have sent on a contact by contact basis.

How do I send out the merged letter?

We have 2 x options on sending it out:


1. We would create a PDF file that you could print and mail yourselves manually one at a time.

2. We can send out in bulk on your behalf – we will: 

  • Print each letter onto paper that includes your logo as per template you sent over.
  • Put each letter into envelope
  • Post each letter anywhere in UK


FYI – when the letter is printed, it will include a bar code and service code– these are added automatically when the letter is printed as shown in the example:

If you go for option 2 where we automatically send out the letter for you there is a cost per letter and it is sent on a 2 day delivery service.


We will send a proof version through the post so that you can see it first hand for your approval before we send out your letters


Please note: The paper stock used is 100 gsm recycled plain white paper with a C5 windowed envelope.


Is the set-up a one off fee or do I have to pay it each time I send out a merged letter?

There is just a one-off fee for setting up that specific letter template for you.

So provided you want to send out this same letter each time - it will pull up that template letter inside your CRM account and you can send it out as many times as you want to at no extra cost unless you use our automated direct mail service.

You choose to print off a merged letter yourself option 1, or to use our direct mail service – option 2.

If I want to set up another completely new template, will there be a set-up fee?


Yes, we will give you a quotation once we have details on the content, layout, design etc.  We can set up for forms i.e. invoices, proposals, surveys etc or letters (A4) or postcards (A5) in colour and black and white. 

If you want to set up multiple forms/letters/postcards at once then we can provide discount on the set-up fee as we can do it all at once for you.

What happens to mail that is undelivered to the recipient?

If a mailing is returned as undelivered (for example if the addressee is unknown at the address) then we automatically mark this inside the contacts history section as 'Returned' as shown in the screenshot below: 

We are also able to supply you with a log of all returned addressees in an Excel spreadsheet as shown in the example below: 

Please contact our Support Helpdesk to add this feature to your account.