Daily Job Sheets for Engineers, Photography Shoots, Tradesmen, Construction, Printing, Hair and Beauty Salons etc

Automate your job sheets within your CRM account to save you time and to shift away from a paper-based system.

How does it work?

Option 1:  Manual method - free of charge

It is really easy to set up – you can use the What, Description and Where part of the calendar event to enter in the most important information about the job, i.e. customer name, address, price, etc - as shown below:

This is especially useful if it is an annual maintenance renewal job or a repair or first visit etc.  

How to Set Up a Job Sheet Manually:

1. To generate the job sheet you need to click on “Print calendar (1 mo)”


2. This will then generate a PDF document for the “next working day” – see below:

3. If there are jobs/events for multiple calendars – then each calendar will print onto a separate date.

4. We have included the title (What field in calendar event), location (Where field in calendar event) and description information (Description field of calendar event) to produce the daily events per engineers calendar as per below:


Option 2: Paid version - from £150 + VAT one off fee to set up

What do I get?

1. We will automatically pull out the client name, phone number, email address, address and type of event i.e. booking, job, appointment into the relevant calendar when you set up the booking inside the client contact record via a button:

2.  This will pop up a window where you can enter key information you want pulled into the calendar event - see example below - where you can enter the email address, mobile number etc.  

3. We can also set up calendar drop down for you to choose which calendar it should populate in if you have more than one calendar.  

Please note - we can also add other fields i.e. notes, delivery info i.e. keys under plant pot etc.

4. We will produce a PDF document of your teams appointments for the day – the document produced will automatically display all the key information you need against  each event/job/appointment listed.


5. This will be activated when you click on the print calendar button inside the calendar section of your CRM account.

6. You will get this bespoke view rather than the standard PDF print version, or alternatively we could send it by email to the relevant people for instance directly to your Engineers etc.

For further information contact our Support Helpdesk.