Manually Adding Contacts:

Please click here to watch our quick video about how to add a contact to your CRM account. 


1. New contacts can be added quickly and easily by clicking on the ‘New Contact’ button as shown below highlighted in red:

2. A pop up screen will appear allowing you to enter in the relevant details in the fields provided. 

Please note along the top you have different tabs allowing you to record Work contact details or Home contact details.

3. To make either a Work or a Home contact tab the default contact type just click on the ‘Click to make default contact type’ button as highlighted below in red:

4. Complete the relevant fields such as First Name, Surname, Organization, address details etc, put as much information as you wish. 

5. To add phone numbers, emails etc you need to click on the button to add new field and then click on the drop down menu to choose category – see below:

6. If you wish to delete a contact field you have added just click on the red delete button besides each contact field as shown below to remove this: 

7. When you have entered the details click Create button to save the contact.

8. Once you have entered the contact details a business card will be created alongside the contact, shown highlighted in red below: 

9. Contact information in the business card is clickable – just click to Email, click to SMS, click to visit their website or use click to call if you have a VoIP phone line added to your CRM account.  

Editing Contacts


1. To make changes to a contacts record or add a photo of them or a logo of their organisation you can use the Edit button as highlighted below:

2. This brings up an Edit contact window allowing you to make changes to the contacts details, add in new contact details such as another email address or phone number.

3. If you click on the Photo tab as shown below you can add an image to a contact – there are some images you can choose from or if you wish you can upload your own image.  

4. If you wish to upload your own photo or logo just click on 'Upload your own' as shown below:


5. Once you have made your selection just click on the Update button as shown above to save your changes.