Emails sent to a contact via your CRM account are automatically added to a contacts History as well as incoming and outgoing calls if you have added a VoIP phone line to your CRM account or sent an SMS message.

However if you wish to add another type of History to a contacts record such as a Meeting etc please follow the steps below to add this:

1. Go to the Contacts icon as shown below:

2. Search and open up the contact record you wish to add a new History to - click on the History icon as shown below in red: 

3. Click either the + History button or the 'Create New History entry' button as shown below in red:

5. Whichever option you have chosen above you will see a 'Create New History' window appear:

6. Add the detail to the text box about what the history is about.  If you wish you can use the Attach Files + button to attach a document to the history.  

Please note that you must enter text into the text area for the History to be created.

7. You can choose the Type of history by clicking on the drop-down as shown above in red and choosing 'Meeting' as the type of history.

8. You do not need to click on the 'When did it occur?' date stamp unless you are back-dating the history entry.  Any history created will automatically have today's date and time so you do not need to use this date stamp. 

9. Then click on Create to save the History type and add this to the contacts History inside their record.