The Calendar feature in your CRM account allows you to setup and view multiple calendars relating to you and your colleagues which can be accessed across all devices. 

The calendar is highly visual with colour coded calendars for each person or function.   

The calendar can be viewed in a number of views such as Day, Week, Work Week, Month or Agenda by clicking on each of the tabs above the calendar.

The screenshot above shows the calendar in ‘Week’ view.

How to Set Up a New Calendar

To set-up multiple calendars for meeting rooms, holidays or additional calendars for yourself you just click on the 'Create Calendar' icon – as shown below in red:

You can then give the new calendar a name, a description and a colour (so it is easily distinguishable from any others). 

You have the option to share or hide your calendar from other peoples view or if you want you can share your calendar only with specific people (users of your CRM account).

When you have added the details click on Create Calendar to save.

How to Add an Event/Appointment to the Calendar 

You can click anywhere on the calendar and a Create Event box will pop up as shown below:

Alternatively you can click on the 'Create Event' button as shown below in red:

A Create Event window will appear as shown below:

Select the Calendar from the drop down list that the event relates to populate the event with the details of where, date and time as shown below:

Click on Save the calendar event will then be displayed in the calendar as shown below: