To set links onto the social media icons you need to do it in the same way that you insert hyper-links.

1. Simply use your mouse to select the social media icon you want to put a link to inside your email template.

2. Next click on the link icon as shown below in red:

3. A pop up window will appear as shown below:

4. Enter the URL link of your social media site in here – see example below:  

The best way to ensure that you enter the correct URL link is to firstly visit your social media web page and take a direct copy of the URL address and enter this in URL field as shown below:

5. Change the Target field to New Window - as shown below:  This ensures that when the link is clicked it will open in a new window and when closed your email campaign will still be open.

6. Click OK.  Your social media icon will now have a URL link.  

7. Now send yourself a test of the campaign and click on the social media icon inside the email campaign and it should go straight to your Facebook page etc.   

To see how to send a test email please click here.