Every CRM account has a standard monthly allowance of 10 Gigabyte of disk storage per month. 


Please be aware that anything over this will be charged at £1 per Gigabyte over the allowance and will be automatically billed to your monthly invoice.  

How much disk storage have I used? 

1. To check how much storage you have used click on the Account icon along the menu bar inside your account which will tell you how much you have used. 

2. This brings you straight into details about your CRM account and also includes how much disk storage you are using.


3. The Storage figure  gets updated on a daily basis each night.


Storing Data Efficiently

We do everything we can to give value to our clients and and to achieve this we:

  • Ensure that your data is compressed so uses up less storage capacity than uncompressed data
  • Duplicate data is removed automatically so we are not wasting disk space.