With every CRM account you get up to 10 Gigabyte of disk storage allowance per month.  This can go a long way given that all your data is compressed.   

However if you go over this monthly allowance we charge extra for storage per month at £1 per Gigabyte over your allowance. 

To help you keep within your data storage allowance please read our top tips to help you store your data more efficiently:

1. To check your current storage use you can click on the Account icon inside your CRM account as shown below:

Inside the Plan Overview page you will see the storage details showing how much storage you have used out of the available 10GB as shown below: 

2. Regular cleansing of contacts data is good practice by removing those old contacts you are never likely to engage with again.  

Many of these have stored correspondence i.e. emails, phone call recordings etc that you may no longer need.  To see how you bulk delete contacts click here

3. Check through your file repository section to make sure that colleagues have not uploaded any duplicate files but different versions?  

Always ensure the latest version is uploaded and any older files are deleted.  Click here to see how to delete files. 

4. Do you have lots of images uploaded in your file repository? These take up a lot more disk space than documents.  If you want to reduce down your disk storage then store images on your local PC rather than inside your CRM account.  

If you are not sure how much storage your files or images are consuming then go into the file repository and click into the folder.  Here you can see size of each folder:

5. Call recordings take up more storage than files so there may be some old call recordings you may wish to remove simply by going into the history of a contact as shown below:

Opening up the phone history and deleting the call recording from the record - as shown below:

Click on Delete as shown above to delete the call history. 

6. See when you last touched base with a contact.  This will help you determine whether they are a valid contact or whether you can remove them from your database.  

To help you ascertain if a contact is old or not we have set up colour indicators against the contacts as shown below:

The number inside the box represents days last time emailed or opened the contact from your CRM account  i.e. 35 would be 35 days.

Green shows contact from 1-30 days


Amber from 31-90 days


Red from 90+ days.

This is a great way to see any contacts that you have not touched base with for a while. Any contacts without a colour coded box showing will mean that the contact record has been active that day, i.e. today.