How to hide calendars from users but only let certain people see:

1. You can click on the ‘Manage Calendars’ icon inside the Calendar as shown below in red

2. Here you can select the calendars and that you ‘own’ and set up the sharing option so that only certain people can see your calendar as shown below:


3. This would then enable you to hide the calendars and only share selected calendars with specific users so that others can only see their own calendars and not anyone elses.

4. When you have entered the email addresses of those users you do wish to share your calendar with click on Save.  

5. Now for the CRM users you wish to share the calendar with, they will now need to click on the 'Subscribe' button inside the calendar and enter your email address (as you are the owner of the calendar) so that they can see the calendar you have allowed them to have access to, as shown below in red:


This will then allow those specified CRM users the ability to have access to view your calendar.

If you have any questions or for assistance please contact our Support Helpdesk.