Ability to export out data via a date field

1. Go to contacts inside your account.

2. Click on the Export button as shown below in red:

3. Leave the default as Windows 1252, only choose the UTF-8 option if you have foreign characters in your data.

4. When you click on export then your data will immediately start to download.

5. It will create a csv file normally located bottom left of the screen.

6. Open up the csv file and if you scroll along you will see the new date headings in columns CY and CZ called ICCreated and ICLast Updated.  

You need to widen the 2 columns so that you can see all of the information – if it shows #### this means the column is too narrow to show the information.

7. By widening the columns you will then see the date information relating to each contact. See example below:

8.  It displays the date the contact record was created and the time. It shows when the contact was last updated with the time too.

9. This information can then be sorted in Excel into months etc so you can see how many new contacts you had in a particular month. 

10. You can also pull out the data via a tag group which will help to narrow down your date search if you wish.