Some business sectors find the public calendar option really useful for sharing event or calendar information. 

A published calendar can be used by a wide range of businesses for example it may be a membership organisation publishing courses or training events, a school, community or sports group publishing activities or sporting events or simply a business showing the availability of a meeting or treatment room. 

When you publish the calendar it will create a URL link and this link can be published on your website or marketing collateral to inform members, colleagues or those you wish to give access to the public calendar, so that it can be found easily on the web by those you share the link with.

How to publish your CRM calendar

1. First you need to decide what calendar(s) you wish to publish in your CRM account. 

These calendars MUST be set up as Share with everyone for them to be displayed as published.

Any calendars you do not want to be published you need to select the Do Not Share Calendar option - see screen shot examples below for the options:

2. Once you have decided on the calendar(s) to be published you now need to set up the Publish Calendars option in your CRM account.

Simply log into your CRM account and click on the Settings icon which is located along the menu bar at the top right hand side of the screen as shown below:

3. Next choose the 2nd tab along called Global settings.

4. You will see an option to publish calendars – see screen-shot below. You need to make sure the checkbox option is ticked to 'Publish Calendar(s)':

You can then add the URL link to your website as an iframe - the URL link will be:

5. To check that you are publishing the correct calendars you will need to click on the link – here are some examples of 3 published calendars on a url link:

6. If we remove one of the calendars from being published by changing the status to Do not share – the example below is the calendar named Helen:

7. Now if we go back to the URL link where the published calendars are you can see that the calendar called Helen is no longer shown, see below:

Please contact us our Support Helpdesk if you have any questions or for assistance.