About History 

History is where all Email, Phone and SMS communication is stored automatically inside a contacts record.   

History enables you to store all types of communication that you have had with your contacts and can include activity such as meetings, quotations, sales and invoicing for example. 

Each History item relating to a contact is stored in chronological order - with the most recent being stored at the top.   

You will see the History has the CRM account users name against each item in brackets such as (helen) so you can see which user has had what communication with the contact - as shown in the screenshot below:

Each user can see the History that has occurred by clicking into a History item and reading the details of the communication so they can be up to speed with information that has been sent to the client or even play back a call recording from a phone call that has taken place.

History can be recorded by type such as Phone, Email, Meeting etc, we are able to customise the History types for you if you have a particular type that would be more relevant to your business please let us know.  

Please note customised History types are chargeable, please contact our Support Helpdesk to find out more. 

Any item recorded in History will also be shown on the Dashboard as shown below:

About Notes:

Using the Notes section in your CRM account to record a note against a contact is a useful area to record information which can be seen at a glance by users as the information contained in the Notes section is displayed underneath the contacts business card and remains static while you click in and out of another sections within that contacts record.

Notes can be used to record information such as:

  • Background information
  • Times to call or hours of work
  • Any other relevant information that is useful to see when inside the contact record.

You will see the notes you have typed underneath the contacts business card when you next click into the contact record as shown below in red:

By recording information inside the Notes section you can be in any other section of the contacts record, for instance inside Custom Fields and the Notes section is still displayed underneath the contacts business card details as shown above.