Only the Key Account Holder or an Admin User can add new CRM users onto an account.  

A new user set up will be set up as a Basic User - meaning they will be unable to: 

  • Delete contacts
  • Merge contacts
  • Export contacts
  • Access Global Settings to create tags and custom fields

If you need to change the security restrictions please click here to see the options available. 

Please note that by adding a new CRM user there will be a charge of £15 + VAT per month per additional users. 

An invoice will automatically be generated for the new user - this invoice may initially be less if adding the user after the invoice date on the account. 

How to add a new CRM user: 

1. To do this please go to the Account icon along the menu bar of your CRM account:

2. Here you will see the Add Users button please click this

3. The Create User window will pop up.  Please enter the details of the user you would like to add:

4. When you have entered all the details of the new user please click on Create user to add.

If you have any specific requirements for the new user in terms of security access please contact our support desk to discuss and set up.

Please note  when a new user is added to the CRM a new contact record is created for this user - this is linked to their CRM user profile so please do not delete this record. 

A new calendar is automatically created with their name.  If you would like this calendar colour changed from the default colour that is given please contact our support desk so that we can change this for you.