Can I expire a user myself?

To expire a user who no longer requires access to your CRM account please contact our Support Helpdesk with the following:

  • Users full name
  • Email address

Please also confirm if the user had a calendar which you would also like removed.  Once we have this information we will cancel the user on your behalf.

Notice period for cancelling a user

Any cancellation requires a months notice so that if you expire a user then they will be removed from the next invoice due based on notice. We do not credit for users that are cancelled part way through a month.

If I remove a user in our CRM account what happens to their history, notes, tasks, calendar etc?

If you expire (remove) a user from your CRM account then any history or previous tasks will show for that person with (removed) against their name as shown below: 

Before you expire a user it is important that any outstanding tasks are re-assigned to another user to prevent them from being forgotten.

The persons calendar will still be listed - if you wish to delete the calendar from the list of calendars please contact our Support Helpdesk to remove.

When we have the above information we will then expire the user for you as requested.