Who uses them and why?

Many businesses use SMS appointment reminders to reduce the number of missed or no-show appointments.  

Forgotten appointments can be very damaging to businesses who rely on appointment based services as it can waste time not to mention the cost of lost revenue for the appointment as well as de-motivating for the team member carrying out the appointment.

SMS appointment reminders are very popular in the Health, Medical and Beauty sector, Event Management and Training Courses.  

Other businesses i.e. trades, health and safety, window fitters, alarm specialists etc, any that rely on product or service installations or annual follow up servicing find SMS appointment reminders invaluable to their business.  

It is the most cost effective way to remind customers on the day or in advance.

How are they set up?

Create SMS templates that can be personalised.  Set the date you want the SMS to go out inside a contact record and we will do the rest so it goes out automatically.

Common questions asked:

1. Can I pull client name, engineers name and time into an SMS appointment reminder automatically?

Yes, we can set up data fields to personalise or pull out name i.e. name of the engineer, therapist calendar who will be doing the treatment and the time so you do not need to worry.

Here is an example of some custom fields set up inside a contact's record for a boiler service reminder:

Your SMS reminder would read:

Hi [ENTER FIRSTNAME], your Heating Engineer, [ENTER ENGINEER NAME], will arrive tomorrow at [ENTER TIME SLOT] to do an annual service of your gas boiler as arranged.  Please ensure that someone will be there to give him access.  Please do not reply to this text.

The message your customer will receive will be:

Hi John, your Heating Engineer, Bob Myers, will arrive tomorrow at 9am to do an annual service of your gas boiler as arranged. Please ensure that someone will be there to give him access. Please do not reply to this text.

2. How much does it cost to set up this type of customised Reminder with data fields?  

£100 + VAT one-off fee

3. Can I set a time to send out automated SMS appointment reminders each day, i.e, to always send them out at 2pm?


3. Do you offer SMS bundle deals or a discount on large volume text messaging?

Yes we do:

SMS Pricing Guide

  • 10p per SMS up to 500
  • 8p per SMS from 501-1000
  • 6p per SMS from 1001+


Please contact our Support Helpdesk to find out more.