Yes this feature is very popular with call centres, sales and support teams.


Automatic Allocation of Leads - why use it and how does this work?

Automatic allocation of leads/contacts is used primarily to improve productivity of a team and the effectiveness of creating sales and dealing efficiently with support.

The main benefits are to avoid your team from over-calling or duplication of contacts/leads within the sales/support or call centre team. We can set up your account to only ever pull up one new lead at a time from a pool of leads.

This way the one lead can then be allocated to a person through the tagging process. This ensures that only one person in the team contacts this lead to qualify them or deal with their query to ensure efficiency.

We can set up other rules, here are some examples:

  • If the contact does not qualify into a hot-lead or sale or if the support query is resolved, etc then the contact will be removed from the pool of leads or put back into the pool over a time period, for example 6 months -1 year to preventing over-calling.
  • If the contact has not changed status from new-lead to the next stage (i.e has not been qualified within time limit) it can be removed from the pool of leads.

To find out more about adding this feature please contact our Support Desk.