1. Access the Marketing icon which you will find along the menu bar of your CRM account

2. Here you will see your email campaigns list - those that have been sent and have report statistics associated will have a bar chart icon alongside the campaign as shown below:

3. Click this bar chart icon to access the report statistics for your email campaign

4. This will show you the e-Marketing campaign summary as shown below:

5. To access the bounced or blocked rate with details of the emails addresses that either bounced/blocked please click on either the BOUNCE or BLOCKED report statistics:

6. You will see the email addresses listed and the reason why the email was blocked or bounced - to print off a list please click on the PDF link as shown below in the example of Blocked email addresses:

7. A PDF version of these results will be displayed (as shown in blue hyperlinked text above) where you can print off the list directly or save the PDF file to attach to an email to send to colleagues.