The system does not recognise the format of the data sheet you are trying to import.  This usually occurs when trying to load an Excel spreadsheet in .xls format.  

If you are using Excel spreadsheets please ensure that they are saved as CSV (comma delimited) format otherwise it will not work.

Choose your Data Import Template

We have a choice of templates for you to choose from depending on your business type please see below:

Business2Business Data Import Template

Business2Consumer Data Import Template

Both Business2Business and Business2Consumer Data Import Template

Important Note: 

If you use any of these templates please be sure to SAVE the .xls format as a CSV (Comma Delimited) file otherwise if you try to upload it as just an .xls file it will come up with a warning error message as it will not recognise the file.

You can also import contacts from other sources such as your email address book,  contact our Help desk for specific help regarding other methods. 

We can also import and categorise data for you if you prefer at a small cost - please contact our Support Helpdesk for a quotation.