You can view a list of recipients who are to receive a scheduled email campaign, please see the following steps below to find out how:


1. Go to the Report icon as shown below in red for the particular campaign that you have scheduled to send out in advance


2. From here you can view the list of Queued messages as shown below:

3. If you click on the link as shown above in red it will display a list of email addresses who are to receive the email campaign if you wish to remove any email recipients you can do so from here by removing the email addresses.

You can also see the number of queued emails that are due to be sent when you first access the e-Marketing section - please see below:

1. Click on the e-Marketing icon along the menu bar as shown below: 

2. Inside the e-Marketing screen you will see a Campaigns Overview box on the right hand side as shown below:

Please note: that the Queued report stats will only be shown on the day that the email campaign is due to be sent on.