You can add a company as a contact in your CRM account by completing the Organization field and adding in the contact details for that company as shown in the screen shot example below:

This creates the company contact record – with the company’s generic contact details such as address and other main contact info such as the phone number, email address etc as shown below:

From the ‘main’ company record you can add individual people under that same company – each person would be added as an additional contact – each with their own unique contact details. 

Please see some instructions on how you can do this below:

1. Open up the company contact record you have just created.  Inside the contact you will see some options along the top – click on the Clone button as shown below in red:

Clone will create a copy of the contact record – enabling you to add in the contact details of the person for that company.

2. Enter the details of the person you are creating – such as their first name, last name and individual contact details – and click on Copy to save the contact as shown below:

3. This has now added a contact to the organisation. 

4. If you view your contacts by Organisation view – as shown below  you will see the individual contacts associated to this company when you double click to open up the contact record.