Firstly you will need to register the new Dect phone to your existing Base Unit please click here to find instructions on how to do this.

When you have registered your Dect phone to your Base Unit you will need to find the IP address of the Base Unit so that you can login to the Gigaset Web interface to link your new phone to your existing VoIP line. 

Please see the instructions below on how to find the IP address of your Base Unit:

1. On your Gigaset cordless DECT handset select the Menu option - press the central square button in the middle of your phone to access the menu

2. Click the Settings option (shown as a spanner icon) and select OK

3. Click the Base option and OK

4. Click Local Network option and OK

5. This will give you an IP address  - write down what the IP address is.

Please click here to see some instructions on the above to help you find the IP address of your Base Unit.

6. Type in the Base Unit IP address into the address bar of a browser window on your PC/Mac

7. This brings you into the Gigaset web interface login screen - enter 0000 as the password to access and click OK as shown below:

8. This will bring you to a Gigaset main screen see example below.  Click on the Settings option as shown in red:

9. Next click on Telephony option as shown below:

10. Then select Connections

11. To add a new VoIP line onto your current phone you should select a line which says – “Not configured” and click on Edit as shown in the example below:

12. This will then display the IP configuration screen as shown below:  Enter your connection name or VoIP line number.

13. For the ‘Authentication name’ and ‘Username’ please enter your VoIP extension number.  This can be found inside your CRM account under the Phone icon inside the Line Configuration settings.

14. For the 'Authentication password’ enter your VoIP password.  This can be found inside your CRM account under the Phone icon inside the Line Configuration settings.

15. Next click on ‘Show advanced settings’ as shown above in red.  You will then see the following displayed:

16. For the ‘domain’ / ‘registration server’ / ‘outbound server address’ enter ‘’

17. For ‘proxy server port’ / ‘registration server port’ / ‘outbound proxy port’ enter 5065 … this port number usually gets around issues with firewalls / routers – alternatively 5060 can be used.

18. For the ‘registration refresh time’ we recommend this be set to 60 sec

19. Then click ‘Set’ to save as shown above in red.

When you have finished please log off to exit. 

You will now have registered your existing VoIP line onto your new Gigaset phone so that you can start using that phone to call out and receive calls in.





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