Yes this is possible through our e-Marketing platform.  We have now added a function inside a contacts record where you can send out individual email directly to a contact over the e-Marketing platform. 

This will allow you to send an email out via a contact (not in bulk), but to personalise it to your contact and track the response to the email so you can see when it has been SENT, OPENED or CLICKED. 

The advantages of sending it inside your account rather than through your email client i.e. Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail etc is because you can check the response to see if it was opened, clicked links which you cannot do with a normal email client.  Hence the reason for the charge.

How do I attach files from the file repository in an email inside my account?

1. Go to a contact record and then click on the Envelope symbol on the business card next to the contacts email address - as shown below in red: 

2. This will pop up the pop up email client as shown below: 

3. You can attach up to 4 documents to your email, by clicking on the Attach Files 'Select' button as shown below in red:

Please note that although you can attach up to 4 files you must attach these one at a time just click on the Insert button to add the file to your email as shown below: 

PLEASE NOTE: The maximum file limit is 7MB per file, please do not exceed this.  If you do exceed this your email will fail to be sent. 

If you experience any problem accessing the files inside your  account from here i.e. an error box appears then click here for the solution.

4. Click here to follow the step by step instructions on how to attach an file from your files section to an email.

If you have any questions please contact our Support Helpdesk for assistance.