If you can please contact our Support Desk with details of the expired user and their user name and email address that was linked to their user profile we can temporarily un-expire that user to allow you access to their login. 

If before you have expired a CRM user you want to view their tasks to reassign them to other CRM users, you can do this by adding a feature onto your account called 'View tasks as' to find out more about this please see below:

View Tasks for Other Users

We can now provide you with the ability to be able to view tasks as other people (CRM users), this may be important for Managers where team members are on holiday or are off sick  or if they want to re-assign a CRM users tasks over to another person, when someone leaves a company.  

Please contact our Support Team so that we can activate the 'View tasks as' feature on your CRM account. 

Please note this feature can be activated on the account for all to use or just for specific CRM users.

Once activated to view other users tasks just click on the 'View tasks as' drop down and select the name of the user, for whom you want to view their tasks as shown below: 

Select another users name from the dropdown list as shown below:

You will then be able to see the tasks that other user has, including the tasks inside their In Tray folder, as shown in the example below: 

Please contact our Support Helpdesk to find out more and to add this feature onto your CRM account. 

This will enable you to then re-assign that users tasks to a current user inside your CRM account.