The Customise filter on the Dashboard page (see example below) enables you to control what and whose recent activity you see on a daily basis.  

The activity is based on the history actions i.e. email sent, phone call made, notes, meeting, sales etc - and is stored against a contact.

The recent events gives you a snap shot in real-time of all the teams activity against a contact (if you click on the recent event it will go straight into the contact it is associated to). You can scroll down the screen to see past events.

The Customise filter view on recent activity can vary from user to user depending on what they have chosen to be the default.

The screenshot below is an example of being able to view everything  - the { } curly brackets you see the name of the users ie. helen and elaine.

How to filter using the customise button

1. Go to the Dashboard screen and click the Customise button - as circled in red on the screenshot below:

2. This will pop up  a window and gives you the option to set up customising what you see in Recent events (this is all the activity pulled out from the History of a contact by date - you will see the most recent activity as it happens in real-time).

3.  In the example below notice the {  } curly brackets show just the users' activity which has been selected (as shown below in red).

Here are some common questions about the Dashboard:

1. The Dashboard is not showing the most up to date information.

2. I cannot see everyone's recent activity.

3. I can only see some of the teams recent activity.

4. I cannot see the call logs.

5. I cannot see email activity.

6. My colleagues can see all of the recent activity but I have a limited view.

7. Some of the recent event activity is missing on the Dashboard.

All of these issues are caused by the way that you have set up the Customise filter in your own CRM account. The view on recent activity can vary from user to user depending on what they have chosen to be the default as explained above.

Dashboard FAQs:

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