This is a feature called Info Services which can be switched off either by:

1.       Going to the main menu of the phone and accessing the Additional Features option (shown as a star symbol).

2.       Here you may be able to de-activate the Info Services option – by switching this to off.

The alternative is to switch this off by logging into the Base Unit settings, via the web interface.  Please see instructions on how to do this below:

1.       Login to the base unit web interface by following the instructions contained in this link.   

2.       When inside the web interface page please click on Settings

3.       You will see an Info Services page – on this page there is a setting called Activate Info Services:

4.       Tick the ‘No’ box and click Set at the bottom of the page - as shown above.

5.       Click on Log Off  - shown top right corner of screen to exit.

This will now de-activate the weather reports that are displayed on your phone.