Do this within the File library inside e-Marketing, please see instructions below:

1. Open up e-Marketing by going to the e-Marketing icon along the menu bar as shown below: 

2. This takes you into your email campaigns list - click on an email campaign to open up the Campaign Editor window:

3. Click on the Insert/Edit image icon as shown below in red:

4. Click on the browse image icon as shown below to find your image.

5. This takes you into your image File Library as shown below:

6. Find the image you wish to re-size and in the bottom right hand corner you will see a box - click here to select this as shown below with a tick:

7. Next click on the Manage button as shown below:

8. Choose Edit from the drop down options as shown below:

9. A pop up window will appear with your image where you can resize this to your chosen dimensions

10. Put in the dimensions for the Width and Height and make sure that Constrain proportions is checked so that your image is saved in these new dimensions. 

11. Click the Apply button:

12. Next click on the Save button as shown below:

13. Save as - enter the image name if different from before and click on Save.

14. Your image will then be saved in the image library with the new size dimensions that you have specified.