To change ringtone

You can select different ringtones for internal and external calls from a choice of pre-loaded ringtones on your Gigaset Dect cordless phone.

1. Access the Settings menu from the main button in the centre of the phones keypad as shown below:

2. Click on the spanner icon to access the Settings of your phone.

3. Use the top and bottom keys immediately above and below the main button to scroll to Audio Settings option

4. Scroll down to ringtones (handset) option - press OK to select

5. Scroll down to Melodies and press OK to select

6. Here you can change, select and save a choice of ringtones for both internal and external calls.

To deactivate the Ringtone

1. Press the star (*) key which has a bell symbol on the key.  If you press and hold this key you will see an image of a bell crossed out will appear on your phone screen - this will stop that phone ringing.

2. To re-activate the ring tone again just press and hold the star key again.